St Patrick’s Primary School - Bega
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Gipps Street
Bega NSW 2550

Phone: 02 6492 5500

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Dear Parents,

Let me begin with a little story to inspire us to do ‘family time’ and indulge our children a little differently. (The story is amended slightly for our context).

‘Growing up I didn't realize how poor we were. My parents were amazing at providing for us. We loved watching football games and I wanted to go to a game so bad. We never could afford it.

To make up for it, while we were at school, my mum made up tickets to that night's game and money for us to "spend". When we got home she had set up chairs in front of the TV and numbered them. Gave us the tickets and money and told us to clean up before the game. At game time we lined up at the doorway, my dad took our tickets and told us how to get to our seats. After the game started my parents went to the kitchen and had a tray of hot dogs, some lollies and soft drink. "Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs!" We got out the money my mum made and bought whatever snacks we wanted.

Best football game I've ever been to!’ (

Noa Jessop Memorial Award

We honoured the memory of Noa with the presentation of the Noa Jessop Memorial Award.

The award is presented to a student who like Noa:

  • Christian Spirit – active participation in the faith and worship life of the class and school.
  • Sportsmanship – fairness, inclusive of all, enjoys sport for its’ own sake, respectful of one’s fellow competitors, gracious in victory or defeat.
  • Contribution to School - keen to participate in all school pursuits: academic and sporting, and to develop skills and ability with determination and courage.

Students and staff nominate others for the award and we had 15 students with two or more nominations, four of whom had more than five nominations! Our congratulations goes to Brodie Irvin on receiving this award.


Fathers Day Breakfast and Liturgy 


For catering purposes it is important you RSVP to the Father’s Day breakfast through the skoolbag app.

Thank you to the many parents who gathered this week to form the fundraising and community engagement committees. We look forward to the fruits of their energy and creativity! If you haven’t sent in the form naming your interest in a committee it is never too late!

Have a great family oriented weekend.