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Empowered Program

When it rains it Pours…
“How blessed are we to get so much rain!”
“We just sowed seed in the bottom paddock and it will be washed away.”
“I went the long way to work this morning. Another 30 minutes onto the usual time”
“I didn’t even get home last night and had to stay in a Motel”

It seems that Mother Earth is speaking loud and clear. Change is here to stay and it is the only certainty its challenging us….. how will you respond? Looking at the Character strength of OPTIMISM this week in Empowered its interesting how many perspectives this deluge of water, that we have had over the last couple of days, can be experienced. Things affect us in different ways and from every disaster there is always GOOD that rises usually on a human level.

How OPTIMISTIC have you been in your thoughts, words and actions this week?

Peer Mediation Training
This week all the Grade 5 students began their Peer Mediation Training. Learning how to “mediate” when people are disputing is a great life skill to have. The students learnt how to listen actively and were given scenarios in which to determine what this may look like. For example if you are avoiding eye contact with another person is this showing that person that you are interested in what they are saying? The role of a Peer Mediator on the playground does not solve issues for disputing students but allows the disputants to tell their side of the story, come up with 3 solutions and then to agree on one of them. The Grade 5 students are looking forward to helping our younger students in Kindergarten to Grade 2 to becoming peace-filled St Pat's Kids by talking about their differences and coming up with their own solutions.


Alicia Spicer