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Students in the K-2 space have been participating in a variety of diagnostic assessments as we near the end of term. Kindergarten completed a PAT Early Maths Assessment.

Year 1 and 2 teachers have complete the WARL and WARP assessments as part of the InitiaLit program.

Reading fluency reflects a student’s automaticity in decoding. To read effectively and with understanding, students need to be able to decode words effortlessly so that they are not wasting cognitive capacity that could otherwise be deployed in making sense of what is being read. Reading fluency is a powerful predictor of overall reading progress. The Wheldall Assessment of Reading Lists (WARL) and the Wheldall Assessment of Reading Passages (WARP) has been designed to identify low-progress readers, and to monitor their reading performance over time, using a quick, simple, reliable and valid test of oral reading fluency.


This week saw the arrival of more than 100 picture books to compliment the InitaLit program in the K-2 space.

The Shared Storybook Reading aspect of the program focuses on linking the story to prior knowledge, making predictions, summarising and building comprehension and vocabulary.


NAPLAN practice test

Year 5 students participated in NAPLAN practice tests today to familiarise themselves with the online platform for testing in May. There was an opportunity for the school to ensure the technology held up during the testing time. Next Monday, Year 3 students will have a similar opportunity.