St Patrick’s Primary School - Bega
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Gipps Street
Bega NSW 2550

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Dear Parents and Carers,

Last week a Health and Safety at school survey was posted on Skoolbag for parents to answer with their children. Safety at school is very important and at the start of term we have reminded students about our three school rules with a specific focus on safety. Thank you to the many families who have answered the survey, I encourage all families to do so as this will help us to gauge the children’s knowledge and understanding about safety at school.

One aspect of the survey was with regard to appropriate language at school. We use the term ‘g rated’ as a child friendly way of naming the expectations of the language children are expected to use at school. From the TV and movie context ‘g rated’ means good for all audiences.  We have noticed a growing trend for children to be experimenting with inappropriate language more frequently at school and we would like to change this behaviour. The preamble of the St Pat’s agreed practice for supporting students to use appropriate language at school states:


The school has a behaviour growth plan and a flowchart of agreed practices to follow when students use inappropriate language at school.

Thank you for your continued support of the social and emotional development of your child. Please continue the discussion about appropriate language with your child to help them grow and flourish!